Animal cruelty charges laid against East London Zoo staff

The NSPCA has laid animal cruelty charges against employees of the East London Zoo after a male baboon was found in such poor condition it had to be put down.

An unannounced inspection by the NSPCA last week Thursday found the male baboon‚ William‚ in a state of paralysis‚ the animal welfare organisation said.

Inspector Cassandra McDonald said charges had been laid against zoo staff responsible for the cruelty‚ suffering‚ neglect and unacceptable conditions at the facility. The NSPCA had warned the zoo that a veterinarian had to examine the baboon.

“The male baboon appeared lethargic… He moved by dragging his lower body. In the light of his severely limited movement and his general bodily condition which was considered to be shocking‚ the NSPCA inspectors issued a warning… requiring the baboon to be examined by a veterinarian by close of business and the report to be forwarded to them‚” McDonald’ statement.

The zoo had not heeded the warning and the animal was left to suffer‚ the NSPCA said.

On their return visit the following day‚ the condition of the baboon had deteriorated.

“He had open‚ bleeding wounds and was found in the exact area as the previous day. The concrete flooring around the animal was covered in blood. Pieces of his flesh were visible‚” the NSPCA said.

“The stench of urine was overpowering and unbearable. Flies were swarming around the animal. In my opinion‚ the baboon was in severe distress‚” she said.

The inspectors were forced to take the baboon into their custody‚ but it was later put down.

Jan Willem Bornman – Tiso Black Star Group

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