Station Hill school endures multiple break-ins

PORT Alfred Primêre Skool was the victim of a burglary surge recently in Station Hill, being broken into three times in one week.

Principal Tommy Scott said he was shocked that the culprits had targeted the school, knowing that it cannot afford any losses.

“This school belongs to the community. Take ownership, be proud and look after your school. If anyone sees something suspicious, report it,” he said.

During the first incident, May 15, burglars managed to break in to the storeroom and couldn’t get access to much, only a packet of soup, Scott said. They did however break two windows and damaged burglar bars which cost the school R390 each and R1350 for the bars. In the second incident, two days later, burglars broke into the catering side of the kitchen and stole 5kg of rice and six cases of sardines – the day’s menu.

“It was a real sad situation. They stole the meal the pupils were supposed to get. Some of these children only get that meal and rely on it, “Scott said.

On May 21, the school got robbed again when burglars managed to break in to the principal’s office and steal a laptop, memory sticks and internet dongles.

Scott said that the burglars managed to bypass the beams, and the alarm didn’t go off. It was still activated when they discovered the break in.

Scott managed to retrieve his laptop which otherwise would have been a massive blow to the school. SAPS arrested a suspect and two cases were opened. Police spokeswoman Captain Mali Govender confirmed that goods were recovered.

“Thank you for the swift action from SAPS, the forensic personnel and the charge office officers. Thank you to all for your efforts,” said Scott.

“I’m calling on the community to stand up for the school. We appreciate all help from the community we get but if things like this continue, where will it end? What will be left to teach your kids with?” he said.


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