‘My son was not a beggar’

THE mother and brother of a Station Hill man who allegedly committed suicide in the Port Alfred police station cells have come forward to speak of their shock and grief.

TRAGIC END: Anver Plaatjies has been identified as the man who allegedly committed suicide in the Port Alfred police station cells after being arrested for stealing a chocolate. This photo was taken about seven years ago

Marilyn Plaatjies and her son Ryno said they wanted the public to know the identity of the man who allegedly hanged himself after being arrested stealing a chocolate from Buddys/Highway Motors.

“It was my son, Anver,” Marilyn said. “He wasn’t a beggar. He had a home, a bed and a warm plate of food to come home to.”

The eldest of three brothers, Anver was 33 years old.

“I was upset when they called him a beggar,” his mother said, referring to the description of Anver in the MultiSecurity report.

MultiSecurity had responded to a panic signal at the shop on May 18, where they gave a description of the chocolate thief. Police joined the search and caught Anver in Station Hill with the help of MultiSecurity.


Marilyn said Anver was epileptic and took medication for it. “He got fits sometimes. It would also help if he ate something sweet if he was having a fit. That’s why he might have taken the chocolate.”

Ryno said they had first heard Anver had been arrested from a neighbour the following morning.

“Half an hour after that the police told us he had committed suicide in the cell,” he said.

The family were shocked by the news. “We didn’t know him to be having suicidal thoughts. He had never tried it before,” Ryno said.

“He was very quiet and loving,” his mother said.

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