Barman assaulted at popular pub

TWO men were arrested after allegedly assaulting the barman at a popular watering hole in town on Monday evening.

A MultiSecurity response officer attended the scene after hearing of the assault at Ferryman’s Hotel in Beach Road.

He searched the area and found the two suspects at the corner of Grand Street and Muller Drive. With the help of armed response they handed the two suspects over to the police who took them into custody.

  • Using a pellet gun, a student warded off a burglar trying to break in a house in French Street last Thursday.

MultiSecurity control room received a call from the premises reporting an intruder in the yard.

The student went to the door to check on the premises and upon opening the door encountered the intruder trying to force the door open with a screwdriver. The student then threatened the suspect with a pellet gun and the intruder threw the screwdriver at him and ran away.

The intruder was described as wearing a khaki jacket. MultiSecurity patrolled the surrounding areas but did not find him.

  • A suspected burglar was nabbed by police in possession of stolen goods after a break-in in Van der Riet Street on Tuesday morning.

Police were first at the scene, and informed MultiSecurity, who sent a response officer.

They found the burglar(s) had gained entry to the outbuilding through a window that had been broken in a previous burglary.

The suspect was found in possession of a TV, tools and other small items that belong to the owner of the house.

MultiSecurity control room tried to contact the owner but was unsuccessful and said the owner would be contacted later to open a formal housebreaking and theft case. In the meantime police opened a case of possession of stolen goods.

  • A Nemato spaza shop owner staying on the premises of his shop was startled by burglars trying to break in in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The burglars smashed a side window but ran off when the owner pressed the panic button. MultiSecurity attended the scene and informed SAPS, who also arrived.

  • MultiSecurity responded to an alarm a sewing business in Pascoe Crescent last Saturday night and confirmed there had been a break-in.

The owner was out of town but sent her son to check on the premises. The police also arrived.

The burglars had gained entry by breaking a window next to the front door and ripping out the burglar bars.

It was not certain what had been taken. A guard was posted at the premises.

  • While he was at the scene, the MultiSecurity response officer noticed a broken window at Petticoat Lane Charities next door to the sewing business, and clothes lying outside.

The charity shop in Pascoe Crescent has been struck by burglars before. The response officer said the burglar bars at the broken window were intact and it did not look like the burglars had gained entry to the premises.

MultiSecurity said a guard posted at the premises next door would also keep an eye on Petticoat Lane.

  • Burglars stole a computer monitor, keypad and mouse from the municipal offices at the Port Alfred Civic Centre on Youth Day.

MultiSecurity responded to an alarm at the premises, confirmed there had been a break-in and informed the police and municipality.

The burglar(s) had gained entry through a window at the back of the building.

  • There was a break-in in Lambert Road in the early hours of last Saturday morning.

The burglars gained entry through an open front door and stole a handbag containing bank cards. They then went to an ATM at Rosehill Mall and withdrew an unspecified amount out of the victim’s account. MultiSecurity reported that the alarm was not armed as the tenants were having a braai.

  • Also last Saturday, there was a break-in in Hastings Place. The burglar gained entry through an open window at a back office and opened the security gate. No case was opened as nothing had been taken.
  • There was an attempted break-in in Ferndale Road on Monday night. Responding to an alarm signal, MultiSecurity found the kitchen window open and the burglar bars loose. The owner said he would check on the premises the following morning.
  • Students from Stenden South Africa got lost in the suburbs in the early hours of last Saturday morning and could not find their way back to their residence.

A MultiSecurity response officer came across the students at the corner of Atherstone Road and Pinetree Lane. MultiSecurity Control Room informed a security guard at Stenden, who arranged to have the students picked up and brought back to their rooms.