Solstice celebration at the beach

AT 7am this morning a group of around 15 people lined up at Kelly’s Beach to greet the sun on this, the midwinter solstice, and prepared to take a dramatic dip in the ocean to celebrate that the sun will rise progressively earlier from today onward.

The group consisted of old and young, male and female, all prepared to carry out the annual celebration (although it is still going to get colder, June 21 is the official is officially midwinter’s day).

They seemed a little disappointed that so few had risen and braved the cold conditions, but then, perhaps those who didn’t attend the event were surprised that anyone would be crazy enough to want to take an ice-cold swim on such a morning.

“The water is bound to be warmer than the air temperature,” said a hopeful Graeme “Sunny” Hill, just before taking the plunge.


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