Unrest and protest at New Rest

NEW REST residents were out again, blocking the R67 this morning. 

Talk of the Town received calls from readers who wanted to know alternative routes in order to avoid the chaos. Unfortunately, the bad weather does not lend itself to travelling on the rural, non-tarred roads through the farming areas. Delivery trucks were, therefore, unable to deliver items to shops and workers were unable to get to work.

Protests by residents of New Rest and surrounding areas have been a regular occurrence at the Air School turn off in recent months.

WE WANT HOUSES: Protestors braved the chill and wet morning to once again block the R67, preventing traffic from using the road while they demand better housing or land on which to build Picture: ROB KNOWLES

With tyres burning, branches and large stones blocking the roadway, getting to the scene of the protest was a mission in itself, and impossible for anyone not in a police vehicle.

The protestors said they were marching to the municipal offices in Port Alfred in order to inform the mayor that they were not satisfied with the speed at which their problems were being addressed. However, the police were out in force to help prevent the acts of violence (such as stone throwing and burning vehicles) that we have witnessed in previous protests.

At lunchtime, police were still preventing traffic from driving along the R67 (Bathurst Street) between Bathurst (heading toward Port Alfred) or the Wharf Street turnoff (travelling toward Bathurst).

Latest news: At 3.10pm the road was still closed and no arrests had been made.

We will keep you informed of any developments as were receive more information.

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