Sewage backs up after pump station stops working

Sewage backed up in in Medolino Caravan Park for the past few days after the municipal sewage pump station in Stewart Road stopped working.

The pump station serves that entire portion of the west bank. Municipal workers found blockages in the sewerage system, including rags, carpeting and a mop head which people have flushed down the toilet or discarded down manholes. Workers have lifted the pumps four times in an attempt to repair the problem.

Below is one of the ablution blocks in Medolino affected by the sewage spill. Owner Anita Victor said she was at a loss over what to do, waiting for the municipality to fix the problem.

When the Stewart Road sewage pump station stopped working, sewage backed up at the ablution blocks in Medolino Caravan Park, and flowed into the dam on the property.

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