Local man takes on great African pilgrimage for charity

LOCAL businessman and Port Alfred Round Table chairman Dominicue Averbuch is taking on the second leg of a magnificent personal and spiritual journey starting August 6 in Patensie and walking to Knysna 325km further.

Averbuch will be wandering the landscape of the Eastern Cape and parts of the Western Cape on an African pilgrimage, organised by Indlela yoBuntu, for the purpose of spreading hope and raising funds for non-profit organisations who care for the young and vulnerable and the old and frail. Averbuch will be taking on this great adventure in aid of raising funds for Child Welfare and Sunshine Coast Hospice.

GOING THE DISTANCE: Dominicue Averbuch with his wife, Helen, on an African pilgrimage of hope, from Grahamstown to Patensie last year. Dominicue will be taking on the Patensie to Knysna leg this year in aid of raising funds for Hospice and Child Welfare

He walked the pilgrimage last year and was invited back this year. “Its challenging but I would encourage everyone to do it. It opens up your mind and tests your mental ability and physical ability,” said Averbuch.

He is hoping to find sponsorship, which will be donated to the charities once he completes the journey. Interested individuals or businesses will be able to sponsor per kilometre Averbuch walks for the entirety of his journey.

Indlela yoBuntu is an African pilgrimage trail from Grahamstown to Cape Town. It offers participants an opportunity to take time out and to journey more mindfully and soulfully. It has its own particular character and cannot be all things to all people, but when Indlela and pilgrim find each other, something special happens.

“The fact of the matter is charity organisations like Child Welfare and Hospice don’t get the funding they need. For me marrying this pilgrimage with my involvement with Round Table I hope to be able to raise enough funds and make a difference. It’s about the bigger picture, and if I can inspire someone to do something similar then great,” Averbuch said.

The route is on little-used jeep tracks and back roads through beautiful natural areas, overnighting with locals on farms and at churches.

Last year there were 11 Indlela pilgrimages between Grahamstown and Knysna. Three walks are planned for this year.

The part of the route which Averbuch will be taking on is “Kom Nader” and stems from a small general dealer shop in the Gamtoosvallei on the first day’s walk. It aptly captures the sense of invitation that pervades the entire trail, a spirit that draws you in to explore more, taste more, open yourself more  and “come closer”. His wife, Helen will be supporting him all the way and join him on the pilgrimage.

The Indlela uBuntu pilgrimage is an African pilgrimage of hope and is not just another hike. It is a pilgrimage adventure and is set to be walked in this spirit.

Each group with a maximum of 12 people has a vehicle and a dedicated driver, and they transport the gear from one overnight spot to the next.

“It breaks me away from work; from constant ringing phones and it help clears my mind in a non-disturbed environment. It helps a person to feel freer, and experience a great sense of rejuvenation,” said Averbuch.

If anyone would like to sponsor Averbuch on his walk, banking details are:

Round Table 177


Account 53400006607

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