Victims break robber’s gun into pieces and turn on him

Workers turned on three gunmen who tried to rob a business in Khayelitsha.

Workers turned on three gunmen who tried to rob a business in Khayelitsha.

It was Friday evening when three gunmen walked into a business in Khayelitsha and demanded cash from two employees.

Rather than hand over their hard-earned rands‚ the workers turned on the robbers and broke his loaded revolver into pieces‚ while his friends fled the scene.

Luckily for the 29-year-old suspect‚ a police vehicle on patrol happened to be in the area and managed to “rescue” the suspect from his intended victims‚ who were still assaulting him.

When the officers arrived on the scene at around 7pm on Friday‚ they found “a revolver that was broken in pieces due to the wrestling with the victims”‚ according to police spokesperson Captain FC Van Wyk.

He said there were four live rounds scattered on the scene and that two other suspects managed to flee with the victim’s cellphones.

“No shots were fired during this incident. A 29-year-old suspect was arrested and is currently in hospital under police guard. Once discharged he will be charged for business robbery and possession of an illegal firearm and ammunition‚” said Van Wyk.

At least three other illegal firearms‚ as well as a large quantity of assault rifles and other munitions‚ were recovered in two other incidents in Cape Town over the weekend.

On Saturday Cape Town law enforcement and police members found two fully loaded R5 assault rifle cartridges buried in a backyard in Hanover Park.

“Officers received a tip-off from the public that led them to a house in the area. A search of a bungalow in the backyard revealed a .38 Taurus Revolver‚ 32 .38 special rounds of ammunition and 10 rounds of shotgun ammunition. The officers also noticed that the soil in the yard had been disturbed and started digging‚” said metro police spokesperson Ruth Solomons.

They managed to uncover 200 packets of dagga and more than 150 rounds of ammunition for six different types of firearms‚ including R1 and R5 assault rifles.

“A 42-year-old suspect was arrested for being in possession of an unlicensed firearm‚ ammunition and illegal possession of drugs‚” said Solomons.

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