M-Net promises more diversity on My Kitchen Rules

J’Something and David Higgs are the celebrity judges on My Kitchen Rules

M-Net has responded to criticism over claims that there is a lack of diversity on newly-launched reality show‚ My Kitchen Rules‚ which left a sour taste in some viewers mouths on Sunday night.

In response to the criticism the channel has promised more diversity among contestants and judges as the show unfolds.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE‚ M-Net’s head of publicity Lani Lombard assured viewers that people of different races would appear on the upcoming episodes of the show.

“My Kitchen Rules plays out in different phases. There are a total of ten pairs of contestants in the show‚ as well two celebrity judges (David Higgs and J’Something) and several guest judges. Viewers will be introduced to the other five pairs as well as a diverse group of guest judges as the show progresses‚” she said.

Lani added that viewers were only given a glimpse of the show on Sunday night and promised that they could expect “much more diversity”.

The show which is based on its popular Australian counterpart‚ sees couples create an instant restaurant in their home and cook a three-course meal‚ which the celebrity judges and other contestants give them points on.

M-Net encouraged critics to continue watching the show‚ which would soon introduce contestants from different backgrounds.

“M-Net remains fully committed to showcasing the talent of South Africa’s diverse population across its multiple channels. As the show unfolds‚ there will be greater diversity. We would encourage critics to continue to watch the show. The contestant pairings include home cooks from different backgrounds‚” Lani said.

Here are some of the people that expressed concern over the lack of “representation” on social media.

By: Tshisalive
Source: TMG Digital.

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