MultiSecurity crime reports over the past week

BURGLARS hit a house in Van der Riet Street last Friday, getting away with a laptop, clothing and a broken Iphone.

MultiSecurity responded to a call from the owner at about 5.25pm. Police also arrived. They found that the burglar(s) gained entry through a back window that the owner had left open for her cats and the alarm was not armed.

  • A Muller Drive resident alerted MultiSecurity after a man smashed the window of a car parked in the street in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The resident who called MultiSecurity said the man who smashed the window seemed to be heading towards town. The car was parked outside a neighbour’s house in the same street. MultiSecurity located the car owner and got a description of the suspect as wearing a red hat, brown jacket and carrying a white plastic bag.

Police also arrived and they searched for the man but could not find him. Nothing was taken from the car.

  • Burglars made a hole in the roof of a shop in Biscay Road on Sunday night, but failed to gain entry to the shop.

MultiSecurity control room received an alarm signal and response officers attended the scene accompanied by the police.

Response officers said the burglars had also cut the wires to one of the passive detectors. The shop owner arrived and checked his CCTV footage and found that the suspects did not gain entry to the shop and were unable to steal anything. He did however request that a guard be posted.

  • Stray cattle wandering on the road were a problem throughout Saturday night and continuing to after 7am on Sunday morning.

MultiSecurity officers on patrol reported cattle at Albany and Park roads late on Saturday night. MultiSecurity control room was unable to reach Fire Control on the radio or on their phones to be able to follow the municipality’s established procedure for reporting and impounding cattle. Control room then called the police who said all vehicles were busy but that they would send a unit out as soon as one was available.

Cattle were again reported on Strand Street in the early hours of Sunday morning and MultiSecurity again called the police, who said they would check.

MultiSecurity officers reported cattle again in High Street at about 7.15am on Sunday, and the control room again informed SAPS.

  • A thief stole a copper plaque off the wall of a church in North Street on Sunday.

MultiSecurity said the thief did not gain entry to the church, but had bent the security bars protecting the copper plaque and managed to prise the plaque off the wall.

  • A shoplifting couple were arrested after stealing half a dozen chocolates from Rosehill SuperSpar on Sunday afternoon.

A Hi Tec guard caught a man with one chocolate, but his accomplice, a woman, initially got away with five chocolates by running into the bushes. The guard and a MultiSecurity response officer scoured the bushes and caught the woman. The shoplifters were handed to police.


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