Duduzane Zuma in exclusive BBC interview: ‘I like the Guptas’

Duduzane Zuma‚ son of President Jacob Zuma‚ has denied any claims of corruption in an interview with the BBC’s Africa correspondent‚ Milton Nkosi‚ who travelled to Dubai to meet him.

Below is a transcript of the highlights of the interview.


Duduzane Zuma (DZ): I don’t think they wanted anything from me. They liked me. As I liked them. I think I’m a likeable guy!

Milton Nkosi (MN): Why did they like you‚ do you think?

DZ: That’s a question that you’ll have to ask them. I don’t know. I think I’m a likeable guy. There’s nothing untoward about it. There’s no unpacking the relationship and what was in it for them‚ what was in it for me. It was just a meeting of minds – they understood me‚ I understood them.

MN: You don’t look back and say – maybe they wanted me because I’m the son of the president?

DZ: I look back and I think I’m glad I met these guys and I’m glad we are where we are today.

MN: And then we had this bolt out of the blue‚ where the deputy minister of finance Mcebisi Jonas‚ comes out tells the public that he was offered a bribe by the Guptas in your presence. Were you present that day – was Mcebisi Jonas offered a bribe by the Guptas?

DZ: Mister Jonas was not offered a bribe by the Guptas. I did meet them. I was present. There was no such thing that took part.

MN: So what was the purpose of his visit then?

DZ: It wasn’t a visit per se‚ it was a meeting that was arranged from my side to sort out certain issues – that had nothing to do with the Guptas or any other related people them.

MN: So you are clear – it’s either you are telling the truth or he is lying.

DZ: That’s absolutely correct.

MN: So which is it?

DZ: I’m telling the truth.


MN: You are the son of the South African president and you are here in Dubai – why are you here? Do you have a property here?

DZ: (Laughs…..) Firstly I’m on business here. Secondly Dubai is a wonderful place and I’m you would agree. Thirdly‚ I do not have a property in Dubai. I do not own an apartment in the Burj Khalifa.

MN: Does your father own a house an apartment here?

DZ: My father owns a house it’s in Nkandla. His area is called Nkandla it’s in northern KwaZulu Natal. In Dubai he does not own any property‚ whatsoever.

MN: Did the Guptas buy a property on his behalf?

DZ: I think my father is a grown man does not need anyone buying any properties on his behalf including myself.

MN: But there’s no property under a company that is linked to you or linked to the Guptas perhaps on your behalf? I just want to clarify that because that has been in the media for many weeks now.

DZ: I do not own any property. My father does not own any property in this beautiful country – or beautiful city‚ should I say. And as far as I’m concerned‚ I mean‚ the Guptas have three brothers‚ I’m not sure if there are any other Guptas in this wonderful place but none of us own any properties.

MN: I hope that‚ because you know the importance of these issues‚ perhaps you would allow me a little bit of leniency in asking this question – Mr Zuma are you corrupt?

DZ: Mr. Nkosi‚ I’m not corrupt. I’m not corrupt. I’ve not involved myself in any corrupt practice‚ in any corrupt business.

MN: Are you concerned that you may be‚ in the end‚ locked up following all these allegations‚ going to prison for corruption. Does that cross your mind?

DZ: It just crossed my mind now. It’s the first time … I don’t know if you saw it crossing my mind but it’s gone! (Laughs…) No.

MN: It doesn’t cross your mind?

DZ: Why should it? It just crossed it now‚ since you mentioned it. I actually saw it crossing now and it’s gone.

MN: Duduzane Zuma thank you for joining us in this BBC interview.


Source: TMG Digital.

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