Man caught eating human flesh


The Eastern Cape province has been rocked by yet another incident of cannibalism.

This time the community of KwaBhaca, formerly Mount Frere, is reeling in shock and outraged after a man kidnapped, killed and feasted on human flesh believed to be that of a woman he abducted earlier on Saturday.

This is a second incident this year relating to human slaughter and cannibalism. It follows a gruesome incident earlier in the year in Port St Johns where an uncle slaughtered, like a sacrificial lamb, his five-year-old nephew, ate his heart and brains and also drank his blood, resulting in his arrest.

On Saturday afternoon, the man who allegeldy slit the woman’s throat and allegedly ate her raw human meat, was later arrested for murder and cannibalism, police had confirmed.

”A 23-year-old man took a woman by force from the main street to his home near the Engen Garage. He murdered her with a knife by cutting her throat. When the mother of the suspect saw what was happening, she rushed and called the police to the scene.

When they arrived, the suspect was busy eating the flesh of the deceased woman,” said police in the area.

By Lulamile Feni – DispatchLIVE


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