Money Matters: Protect your income

by Nico Human

AS mentioned before, one’s most valuable asset is the ability to earn an income. If this seems far-fetched, please do yourself a massive favour and start with your current annual income, add only 5% each year. Add all these together after a period of, say, 20 years and see what you get. I can guarantee that the end result would add up to millions.

Do not be deceived in thinking that “accidents only happens to other people”. Without being negative, it is really necessary to face the facts of life. There is a definite possibility that disaster could strike anyone of us at any time. We, therefore really need to ensure that we are fully covered for any unfortunate occurrence that may come across our path.

In addition to Life Cover, one should seriously consider the necessary cover against disability and serious illness or injury. In short, we should all be covered for all events that could cause a loss of income, whether it is temporary or permanent. Imagine the consequences of the loss of the ability to generate an income. An income protector policy can give a family the security of a monthly, tax-free income during the period you are unable to earn an income, and will continue to do so until you can earn your regular income again. This can be for a temporary period or for permanent incapacity.

Each person’s needs are unique, and an income protector plan can be customised accordingly. It is important to engage with an experienced financial planner to assist establishing personal needs and to assist to structure a plan that will take care of all unfortunate eventualities that might arise. The result of such an exercise would certainly give you, as well as your loved ones, much needed peace of mind.

There are various excellent products available specifically designed to fully take care of specific needs in any eventuality. During a period of temporary incapacity there is an income replacement policy or a temporary disability policy. In the unfortunate event of becoming totally and permanently disabled, the necessary cover provided by a permanent disability policy can certainly take care of one’s future and permanent financial needs.

It remains not a question of, “can I afford this cover?” But “can I afford not to have this cover?” It has become essential to appoint a well-known, experienced financial advisor to assist you to establish your personal needs in this regard and thereafter to provide an affordable plan to take care of all your current and future financial needs.

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