My Home: Why I live in Kenton


Where you decide to live makes a big difference to how much you enjoy being there.

Kenton people are very concerned about the wellbeing of their community and the natural environment. This in itself is not unusual. What is unusual is that whenever there is a need, someone putsup their hand and makes things happen. Free Spirit Adventures, which has raised almost R800 000 over the last five years to protect and care for our Rhino’s, organised a Rhino run in Kenton last weekend. Our game reserves, Amakala, Kariega and Sibuya, who do so much to protect our Rhino population, were involved and brought teams of their staff to participate.

But what made our Rhino Run the biggest in the country, with over 570 finishers, was the Kenton community led by Jo Wilmot. She got donors from the village, including Spar and Feathers farm, to contribute to the costs of the event. They got teams from the local and Grahamstown schools. Families came out in their droves. I loved seeing families running (or walking) together, many with their animals in tow or trail blazing in front. Kenton Rotary cooked bacon and egg rolls (my favourite) and the SPCA delicious pancakes for those eager to carbo-load, both before and after the run.

I live in Kenton because our village is small enough to make a difference. People don’t just talk about things; they get busy and DO things. They are involved in local schools, feeding schemes, foster homes and beautifying the village through their efforts in our gardens. They repair damage caused by heavy seas.

They are available when you need them.

Please contact me on and tell me why you think Kenton and all the towns in the Lower Albany area are special to you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kenton Rhino Run – the biggest today

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