MultiSecurity: Residents neglectful over home security

Port Alfred residents are forgetful about locking doors according to the latest MultiSecurity reports. At Community Police Forum meetings once a month, SAPS and CPF members have stressed that residents need to be more vigilance in securing their homes as housebreak-ins are often crimes of opportunity. Insurance companies also do not pay out for house break in claims if home-owners cannot prove forced entry.

  • At Zonke Bonke, Avenue Street, Nemato the MultiSecurity control room received a panic from the premises on October 1. Reaction officers responded and reported that there was a man who was causing trouble. The man threw stones and bottles at the premises the previous night. MultiSecurity control room informed SAPS Nemato spoke to who have the man a warning. The client did not open a case with SAPS.
  • Last Saturday, a MultiSecurity reaction officer reported five suspects in Main Street, two of the men he recognised from the pictures in the MultiSecurity office. The reaction officer reported that the suspects turned around and left the area when they were spotted and headed back towards Nemato.
  • Sunday morning an alarm was triggered when a client left a window open in West Beach Drive. The MultiSecurity reaction officer attended and reported that all was in order as well as managing to close the window.
  • Saturday morning, MultiSecurity control room received an alarm from a resident in Southdowns Avenue, Forest Downs. MultiSecurity reaction officers attended and noticed that the sliding door was unlocked and a window open. Control room informed the client who requested MultiSecurity reaction officers to check if anything is undisturbed inside the house and to lock the sliding door and close the door. The reaction officer checked and reported that all was in order. The reaction officer managed to lock the sliding door but could not close the window as he had to climb through the window to get out. The reaction officer then signed out the keys at the office and closed the window.
  • Early evening last Saturday at a residence in St Andrews Road 3, MultiSecurity control room received an alarm. A reaction officer attended and reported that the back door is standing wide open and also multiple windows are open without any burglars. He reported that there was one dog on the premises but he is not sure where the other dog is as there are usually two dogs on premises. Control room phone the client but could not reach them on their phones. Control room asked the reaction officer to check premises and lock the door as well as close the windows and bring the key to the office as clients are not answering.


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