Runoff from R72 repair work causes big stain

R72 Workmen leave a mess at the Talk of the Town Offices

THE STAIN: A considerable amount of fluid carried the stain from the entrance of the car park to the offices’ Picture: ROB KNOWLES

It was a surprise earlier this week when staff arrived at work to find a white stain running from the corner of Miles Street and Southwell Road where the workmen are currently working and flowing through Talk of the Town’s car park.

WHITE RIVER: Although told earlier in the week that the stain would be removed, by Friday no one had come to attend to the problem Picture: ROB KNOWLES

On asking who was responsible for cleaning the mess, TotT was told that someone would come and remove the stain. Thereafter a workman did appear with a broom and was told that removing the offending stain would take more than a brushing. He therefore left, and later TotT was told that a water truck would come and wash the car park.

By Friday afternoon no one had yet arrived to fix the problem, and it seems likely that a high-pressure water spray will be required to remove the stain.

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