#FeesMustFall protesters at UCT dump human faeces and rubbish around the campus

EXCREMENT was poured in the Snape‚ Robert Leslie and Computer Science buildings at the University of Cape Town today. Vandals also targeted the student transport service.


Clean-up teams have been arranged as the university tries to ensure examinations can take place.

The institution said it was determined to ensure academic activities are not disrupted but some may start later than scheduled.

Confirming the protest action‚ which comes after a meeting held yesterday afternoon about fees‚ the university said in a advisory notice: “Jammie shuttles have been disrupted as a result of vandalism – vehicle tyres slashed. One person has been arrested as a result.

“We are working to resume the service ASAP. We ask students to make alternative arrangements to get to campus.

“Lectures may be delayed in these venues and lecturers and course conveners will make alternative arrangements.

“All tests and exam venues are being protected and will proceed as schedule for today.”



  1. It’s extremely worrying & mind boggling that ‘our future’, the ‘educated’ drivers of SA’s economy are protesting against the Universities instead of the ANC!
    Are they incapable of understanding that it’s African people in power, not whites, that are the problem?
    Reasons why govt. cant subsidize students is because taxes are lost via wasteful & irregular expenditure, bailing out SOE’s, graft, corruption, Zupta Mafia, the arms deal and the impending nuclear deal.
    The universities don’t operate on thin air & they don’t profit from the fees they’re payed!
    I suspect a third, racist force… the EFF & their sympathisers? Even so, the ANC also like the racial division and the growing theme of blaming whites for everything.

  2. Shouldn’t they be thanking white ppl that they ACTUALLY HAVE top universities in South African. No, instead they burn a picture of (white) anti-apartheid activist Molly Blackburn. Take that for gratitude!

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