Port Alfred’s latest hot spot – Tash’s Craft Bar

SITTING at Tash’s Craft Bar is like the feeling of suddenly seeing a tropical oasis in the Sahara Desert after you have been desperately wandering around lost, and thirsty, for four years (the duration that I have lived in Port Alfred).

ALL IN A ROW: The line-up of craft ciders, lagers and ales I had the pleasure of tasting, available at Tash’s Craft Bar Picture: LOUISE CARTER

Owner Natasha Kenny opened Tash’s Craft Bar during August this year with the aim of bringing something completely different to Port Alfred.

The bar is stocked with a large variety of craft beers, ciders, and an exciting array of interesting and somewhat exotic craft drinks, each individually sourced and tastefully picked to complement a simple but extraordinary menu.

Located in the small boat harbour, overlooking the scenic Kowie River, Kenny decided it was long overdue that she brought something new to Port Alfred.

Tash’s Craft Bar lists some exciting new brand names, including a Da Rocca Pink Gin and Tonic – on tap. Yes, you read that correctly, gin and tonic on tap. The refreshing, slightly fruity (juniper berry) but perfectly balanced spirit with light tonic water makes for a pretty drink and good to taste. It’s for anytime drinking but perfect for those hot summer days that will be here soon.

GIN ME CRAZY: Da Rocca Pink Gin and Tonic on tap. For the lovers of gin and everyone else – available at Tash’s Craft Bar Picture: LOUISE CARTER

Kenny treated me and my guest to a one of a kind tasting which included the gin and tonic, a “Jack Parrow” beer, a Jack Black Lager, A Butchers Block pale ale, Eversons Pomegranate Cider, ginger beer, alcoholic ice tea, Citizens Alliance amber ale and a Liefmans Cherry Beer.

The Jack Black Lager has a light malt taste but is pleasant and would even be suitable for the ladies. The Butchers Block Pale Ale produced by Jack Black has a lighter taste but is impressively refreshing.

The Eversons Pomegranate Cider, arguably my favourite, has a refreshing sweet yet tart taste. A perfect summer drink for the ladies as well as younger crowd.

My other favourite is the Liefmans Cherry Beer. I have never tasted anything like it, it was wonderful and intriguing. I can imagine blissfully sipping away on a drink that has both the comfort of beer and the allure of sweet-sour like cherry.

TASTES LIKE MORE: Liefmans Cherry Beer and delicious and refreshing cloudy apple cider available at Tash’s Craft Bar Picture: LOUISE CARTER

Kenny served us a chilli board platter which consisted of spicy meatballs with cheesy centres, stuffed chili poppers with feta cheese wrapped in bacon, chargrilled corn quarters dusted with a hot spice, fresh and zest salsa, crumbed kamakazi mushrooms and pieces of pita bread. For the lover of chillies, it’s a must, but you might shed a little tear, or a bead of sweat.

Also for a starter, a creamy, garlic mozzarella cheese with lemon and secret ingredient goodness mussels, was one dish that had comfort and delicious written over it. It is everything you ever imagined a creamy mussel pot to be, but as a twist, Kenny serves her mussel goodness on a bed of chips. This dish is a winner for the very hungry, for children and for the saucy chip and mussel lovers.

YUMMY: Creamy, garlic cheesy mussels on a bed of chips available at Tash’s Craft Bar Picture: LOUISE CARTER

For mains I had six prawns with a side salad. The prawns were perfectly cooked and without a doubt the best I have had in Port Alfred. For R99 it was true winner and great value for money. Tash’s has a blackboard lunchtime special every day and also a lovely range of cocktails with “happy hour” daily from 4.30-6.30pm.  Sunday lunches will only be available  out of “season”.

SEASIDE BEST: Perfectly cooked prawns with side salad. Rice and chip options available at Tash’s Craft Bar for only R99 Picture: LOUISE CARTER

Tash’s is a family-friendly establishment with a children’s playroom, and is a non-smoking venue. Smokers have the option of sitting outside on the patio. Keep an eye out for evolving menus and the blackboard specials.


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