NCAL joins youth training for Amanzi Festival

NEMATO Change a Life (NCAL) has partnered with the organisers of Amanzi Festival sponsored by Royal St Andrews Hotel to have some of their athletes compete in next year’s ten day multi water sport event.

All the Easter Festival action

Last year, history was made when Zwelinzima Nkwinti and Dave Lawson, in collaboration with Royal St Andrews Hotel, successfully hosted the events in the form of the Royal Alfred Marina Mile swimming race, rubber duck racing, bodyboard and surfing tournaments as well as an inflatable tube race for children. This year two new events have been added to the water sport line-up as well as several smaller events on the beaches and in and near the festival arena.

‘PA can host world event’

Currently the members of NCAL will be training for the rubber duck races as well as training for the surfing events and soon the bodyboarding tournament.

“We are aiming for them to compete, and the long term goal is to have a team of our own from Nemato Change a Life as pilots and co-pilots for the rubber duck racing,” said organiser and founder Zwelinzima Nkwinti.

“The face of the festival changes, bringing Nemato and town together, representing Port Alfred as a whole,” Nkwinti said.

Nkwinti said the event is a great opportunity for NCAL members to display their talent and athleticism. During the multisport, multiday event, the NCAL gymnasts will be on the beach performing.

Royal St Andrews Hotel Easter Festival a huge success

The NCAL athletes are skilled in trampoline, handball, fencing and rowing and will engage the crowd by inviting visitors or onlookers to participate.

Jan Blom, founder and coordinator at NCAL said the event was important for pulling communities together as people are often brought together through their love for sport.

“We need the exposure. Our gymnasts are competing on an international level but have a lack of facilities. They might be noticed at one of these events,” Blom said.

Nemato Change a Life sports

“It’s amazing how far they have come, but they definitely deserve more exposure,” he said.

Nkwinti said he invites all youth to see NCAL showcasing their talent. “We are putting together demographics of Port Alfred in exploring and enjoying beach sports together. This has been the aim of Amanzi Festivals from the start.”

Young Nemato boy hits gymnastic heights

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