Crime briefs from MultiSecurity


IT HAS been a busy couple of weeks for MultiSecurity on the crime front, with a number of break-ins and attempted break-ins reported, as well as suspicious vehicles and car accidents.

  • MultiSecurity has dispatched response officers even when the caller has not been a client. One such case was in the early hours of Monday morning, when a resident at Settler Sands called the control room and asked for assistance as he had been robbed.

Two reaction officers attended, followed shortly by the police. They found that one or more burglars had forced open the burglar bars at the open bathroom windows to gain entry. They stole a 32 inch flat screen TV, X Box 1, two Apple laptops, clothes and a red backpack. Response officers checked the area but found nothing suspicious. Police opened a case. There was an alarm system at the premises but it was not working.

  • MultiSecurity responded when a guard reported that people were stealing diesel at the Nemato business hive on Sunday afternoon. The police were also notified.

By the time they go there the perpetrators had gone.

  • Police attended to a drunk car guard harassing people parked at the West Beach parking lot last Saturday.
  • MultiSecurity responded to an alarm a home in High Street in the early hours of Saturday morning, and found that an intruder had been in the house.

The intruder had gained entry through an open window at the balcony without burglar bars. The owner surprised the intruder, who fled. The intuder was described as a middle-aged black man wearing red cap and dirty clothes. Nothing was stolen.

  • A man was caught stealing tools from a business in Albany Road two weeks ago and handed over to the police.
  • There was a break-in at a home in Swan Lane on February 2. Responding to an alarm, a MultiSecurity response officer found a small window at the bottom of the front door had been forced open and a sliding door lifted off its rail. A guard was posted at the premises.
  • A case of suspected fraud at Capitec Bank turned out to be a false alarm on February 2.

MultiSecurity was alerted and attended, followed shortly by the police. The bank manager told them a man had attempted to apply for a loan using someone else’s ID book. The man said he had accidentally taken a colleague’s ID at work.  His place of work confirmed his story.

  • Burglars stole a water pump from the Port Alfred Bowling Club on February 6.
  • A man was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and without a licence after crashing into a lamp pole on the corner of Main Street and Biscay Road in the early hours of February 6. He was uninjured but the car was badly damaged.
  • There was a car accident at the traffic light intersection of Wesley Hill and Southwell Road on the evening of February 2.

MultiSecurity and the SAPS attended. A silver colored Alfa Romeo had jumped the red traffic light and was hit by a Volvo truck. EMS and Crash Towing also arrived on the scene. Two of the Alfa’s occupants were injured and were taken to Port Alfred Hospital by Gardmed and EMS. The drivers of both vehicles were uninjured.

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