Boity sure ain’t looking for a broke bae

While Mzansi may have finally gotten over the famous Boity and Cassper split, Boity is ready to move on, but only if the guy can keep up with her financially.

Boity says she isn’t looking for a man that can’t keep up with her financially.
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She told Touch HD’s Rorisang Thandekiso that she needed a man who could look after her.

“Do you think I’d get married to a broke man,” Boity asked Rori, who also agreed that it wasn’t an option.

“I am done with men who are broke. I don’t even care what anybody says about it. What do you think must happen if you don’t have money? No man, I work really hard and I am not willing to step into a marriage where I have everything and you have nothing.”

While Boity was vague on whether she’d already found this man, she went on to entertain a conversations about weddings.

The pair were talking hypothetical weddings when Boity said she might have a destination wedding in a place like Bora Bora, which raised the question of who would pay for it.

That’s when the presenter explained that her man needed to be able to make that happen for their families.

Boity said that there was a time where wealth was not a factor but that has changed and she was not willing to be the only one holding the purse strings.

“I think we’ve been through that stage where you are like ‘Ag, it doesn’t matter. It’s fine. I love him.’ But not anymore. Now it’s like ‘you need to level up’ or at least be at a certain level,” Boity said.


Source: TMG Digital

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