Pineapple Cricket excitement starts this weekend

THE annual Kenrich Motors Pineapple Cricket Tournament will be held on fields in and around Port Alfred from March 3 – 10.

THREE TIMES THE GLORY: Cuylerville won the Pineapple Tournament A league final against Grahamstown Invitational at the Port Alfred Country Club by 103 runs last year. It was Cuylervlle’s third consecutive tournament win Picture: LOUISE CARTER

Twenty one teams from the Grahamstown Cricket Board League will be playing, plus eight invitation teams. A total of 48 matches will be played on seven fields over eight days.

Cuylerville first team will be defending their title against all comers in the A league, after winning the tournament for the past three years.

There is a prize giving in the tent at the Port Alfred Country Club every evening, and all are welcome to attend. There will be live music and lots of fun.

At the opening night on Saturday, Cricket SA president Chris Nenzani will be in attendance. Monday March 5 is the ever-popular 60s Club evening with induction of new members, and the guest speaker is Adrian Birrell. On March 7 the special guest is Advocate Ngumbela from the Ngumbela Tournament. The final prize-giving is on March 10.


Saturday March 3

Cuylerville 1 vs Southwell 1 at Port Alfred Country Club (PACC)

Port Alfred 1 vs Rhodes at Port Alfred High School A field (School A)

Grahamstown XI vsSalem 1 at Port Alfred High School B field (School B)

Kenton vs Port Alfred 2 at Hospital field

Manley Flats vs Sidbury 2 at Hilpert field

PAHS vs Rainbows at 43 Air School

Tiger Titans vs Early Birds at Bushman’s River

Sunday March 4

Salem 1 vs Sidbury 1 (PACC)

Grahamstown XI vs Manley Flats 1 (School A)

Cuylerville 1 vs Port Alfred 1 (School B)

Station Hill vs Cuylerville 2 (Hospital)

Salem 2 vs Southwell 2 (Hilpert)

Rainbows vs Tiger Titans (Air School)

Rhodes Shrews vs Early Birds (Bushman’s)

Monday March 5

East vs West Legends (PACC)

Southwell 1 vs Rhodes (School A)

Sidbury 1 vs Manley Flats 1 (School B)

Kenton vs Manley Flats 2 (Hospital)

Sidbury 2 vs Port Alfred 2 (Hilpert)

PAHS vs Rhodes Shrews (Air School)

Tuesday March 6

Cuylerville1 vs Rhodes 1 (PACC)

Southwell 1 vs Port Alfred 1 (School A)

Station Hill vs Southwell 2 (School B)

Salem 2 vs Cuylerville 2 (Hospital)

Manleys Flats 2 vs Port Alfred 2 (Hilpert)

Rainbows vs Early Birds (Air School)

Wednesday March 7

Kenrich Motors vs Nova (PACC)

Salem 1 vs Manley Flats 1 (School A)

Sidbury 1 vs Grahamstown X1 (School B)

Station Hill vs Salem 2 (Hospital)

Cuylerville 2 vs Southwell 2 (Hilpert)

Kenton vs Sidbury 2 (Air School)

Thursday March 8

Tiger Titans vs Shrews (PACC)

SF Winner A1 pool vs 2nd A2 pool (School A)

SF Winner A2 pool vs 2nd A1 pool (School B)

Early Birds vs PAHS (Hospital)

Friday March 9

Plate Final B section – 3rd B1 vs 3rd B2 (PACC)

Semi Final B Section – winner B1 vs 2nd B2 (School A)

Semi Final B Section – winner B2 vs 2nd B1 (School B)

Tiger Titans vs PAHS (Hospital)

Cathcart vs Addo (Hilpert)

Fort Beaufort vs The Owls (Air School)

Saturday March 10

Final A Section (PACC)

Final B section (School A)

A Section Plate Final – 3rd A1 vs 3rd A2 (School B)

Rhodes Shrews vs Rainbows (Hospital)

Invitation winners (Hilpert)

Invitation losers (Air School)


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