WSU students reject ‘irresponsibility tag’ on state of residence

Walter Sisulu University students at the Mthatha campus have reacted with anger to those who are criticising them for the the state of their residences.

NOT CONDUSIVE: A glimpse of the undesirable conditions in Phulo residence at Walter Sisulu University’s Nelson Mandela Drive site in Mthatha Pictures: SINO MAJANGAZA

DispatchLive reported this week about appalling conditions in the Phulo residence at the Nelson Mandela Drive campus.

The residence has broken doors, blocked toilets, leaking water pipes and hanging electric wires.

A number of students reacted on the Dispatch Facebook page to those who said some of them are not taking care of their residences.

Tim White had written: “It’s time that the students take responsibility for their actions they are destructive and disrupted this is not the universities fault.”

Lee-Ann Lottering said: “Bet they created those conditions all on their own.”

Richard Hall weighed in: “All the ‘rights’ in the world mean nothing if you don’t understand personal responsibility.”

Responding to the comments, WSU student Lwandile Makoba, said: “the reality is that we are staying in an old building that is decaying.”

He said the conditions of the residence were not entirely as result of untidiness.

“There are elements of untidiness, but it cannot be that all students staying in the residence are untidy. The conditions of all the rooms here is almost the same. They are in a bad state,” he said.

Pasma chairman Yongama Hlangu said there was no proper maintenance that was done in the residences.

“Students do not go around breaking doors and blocking sewerage pipes. All the corridors are dark in that residence and they have been like that for a very long time,” he said.

He said it was unfair that students were being blamed for poor maintenance of the building and its conditions.

A student who wanted to remain anonymous sent pictures of what he said was in his room which was flooded with water.

“This is my room at Walter Sisulu University NMD campus, filled with water after yesterday’s [Wednesday] storm.”

He added: “My blankets got wet and laptop charger and extension cords were swimming and I had to sleep in raining room. They say we damaged this property but I never went to the roof to cause any damage.”

By Sino Majangaza – DispatchLIVE

Source: TMG Digital