Teen at centre of sex video blackmail scandal

A Phoenix teenager is at the centre of a sex blackmail scandal – after receiving threats from a former friend that he would publicise nude photos and home-made sex videos she had sent him via WhatsApp.

Reaction Unit South Africa spokesman Prem Balram said that his company had been called to intervene after the 17-year-old girl reported the threats two weeks ago.

“The girl‚ who attends a secondary school in Phoenix‚ contacted Reaction Unit South Africa after a 22-year-old man that she had met via Facebook had threatened to send the videos and pictures to her family and friends‚” he said.

“Her friend had given her contact details of the man in 2016. She was 15 years old at the time and during their conversations, the girl sent him 10 homemade sex videos and nude pictures of herself.”

The teen had changed her phone number and then lost contact with the man who‚ two years later‚ is alleged to have threatened her.

“He has not made any demands and‚ according to the girl‚ they have not met or were involved in a relationship. He has since made contact with most of her family and friends.”

Balram said that they had identified a potential suspect but investigations were continuing.

By: Jeff Wicks -TimesLIVE

Source: TMG Digital.

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