Liquor licence renewal period has passed

EC Liquor Board thanks traders who have renewed their licences

IN a statement on Monday, the Eastern Liquor Board issued a thank you to all liquor traders who have renewed their liquor licences.

“We are also pleased to announce that there has been a significant improvement in the rate of renewals this year,” ECLB spokesman Pumlani Fani said.

Out of 7 179 registered liquor outlets in the province in the previous year, a total of 6 714 (93%) have renewed their liquor licences. About 455 (6.4%) liquor outlets have not renewed their liquor licenses and the implication is that their liquor licenses are now invalid.

“If they continue to trade they are doing so illegally, instead they should visit ECLB offices to reapply for liquor license should they wish to continue trading,” Fani said.

“Liquor traders whose liquor licences have expired must ensure that they do not trade as that would be contributing to the growing number of people who sell liquor without valid licences. Crucially, the law will take its course in instances where they trade without valid liquor licences.”

The board also urged liquor traders who have not collected their renewed liquor licences to pick them up from ECLB offices. A total of 180 have not been collected.

Traders must present their proof of payment when they come for collection of their liquor certificates.


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