Ward 10 Committee notes


THERE were only few items on the Ward 10 committee agenda on Tuesday but some valid points were raised by committee members and need to be addressed.

Finance – Outstanding debt

The amount of debt by residents who do not pay for municipal services is increasing, and concern was expressed by the committee with respect to recovering outstanding money’s from defaulters.

The current outstanding debt for each of the wards is as follows (as of the end of February this year);

Ward 1 – R18.67 million, Ward 2 – 11.96 million, Ward 3 – R12.93 million, Ward 4 – R12.84 million, Ward 5 – R8.52 million, Ward 6 – 10.57 million, Ward 7 – R4.55 million, Ward 8 – R5.87 million, Ward 9 – R15.46 million and Ward 10 – R26.3 million.

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