2018 Cannabis Walks

HOLY SMOKES? Capetonians marched through the CBD towards Parliament in a protest for the annual Cannabis march On Saturday Picture: ESA ALEXANDER/SUNDAY TIMES

With the slightly sweet, slightly woody fog of cannabis permeating the air (and making everyone who smelt it slightly happier than they were before) the annual Cape Town Cannabis March took place on Saturday in high spirits. Some were smoking and others took pot luck.

Yet, according to some participants, this year was a bit of a downer, not the usual high they have come to expect from the event.

Advertising for the event read, “Come as you are! Showcase your industry, profession, passion, or any message you want to share!”

A message from the organisers, Bongalong, states, “To those who are against us, you interact with us every day – We are the mothers and fathers, the bus drivers, doctors, artists, entrepreneurs, activists and many, many more… We are everywhere, and WE are the People of South Africa! We demand our right to Freedom of Choice!”

Let’s hope they don’t get stoned for their opinion.

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