Trump releases prisoner after Kim K meeting

(The other “Kim” meeting)

KIM Kardashian West has been successful in her bid to lobby US President Donald Trump for the release of prisoner Alice Johnson.

Johnson‚ who is 63 years old‚ has been in prison for her part in a drug distribution ring and was convicted on charges of attempted possession of drugs and money-laundering in Tennessee.

Trump met with Kim K at the White House last week where the pair spoke about prison reform and a pardon for Johnson.

Although the meeting was ridiculed on social media‚ with the Pres getting attacked for getting advice from a reality TV star‚ he heeded the Kardashian call and commuted the sentence of Johnson.

BBC reports when she was released‚ she ran out to meet her family.

Kim’s mom‚ Kris Jenner‚ applauded her daughter on social media.

“This made me cry!… Kim‚ I’ve never been so proud of you. You have the biggest heart in the world and mixed with your determination you are unstoppable!”

Lawmakers have called the decision “inconsistent” on Trump’s part‚ saying that it goes against his policies. He’s been accused of granting favours to friends when it “suits him.”

Source: TMG Digital.

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