Plane crashes into cliffs in Port Elizabeth valley

Nelson Mandela Bay emergency officials are on the scene of a light plane crash in the Baakens Valley.

According to eyewitnesses‚ the plane crashed at about 2.15pm on Monday.

Emergency Medical Services head in Nelson Mandela Bay‚ Brenhan Metune‚ confirmed the accident‚ but said it was difficult to access the crash site.

“We are awaiting a situation report‚” he said.

One woman described how she saw the aircraft flying low before crashing into cliffs along the Baakens Valley near the block of flats where she lives.

The woman‚ who wished to remain anonymous‚ said the plane crashed at about 2.15pm.

“A light aircraft came from the sea side low into the valley‚ even lower into the valley where the cliff is‚ and shortly thereafter we heard an explosion and then saw the flames‚” the woman said.

Another resident‚ on the Park Drive side of Baakens Valley‚ said: “I saw a large white shape pass my window out of the corner of my eye and then heard the crash.

“It glided past without making a sound.”

The details around the crash‚ including how many passengers were on board‚ are unclear.

This is a developing story.

– HeraldLIVE

Source: TMG Digital.

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