Hippo hunt controversy on the Great Fish River

CARNAGE: A hippo was shot between the eyes at the Great Fish River recently and is said to have wandered onto a nearby farm where it died. After the hunter had taken the head, feet and skin he allegedly invited others to help themselves to the meat Picture: ROB KNOWLES

HUNTERS from all over the world come to South Africa, and the Eastern Cape in particular, in order to hunt animals that can only be found in this area.

Recently a farmer faced a problem when a hunter and his entourage came onto his property to retrieve body parts from a felled hippopotamus that had allegedly been shot at a location along the Great Fish River and had wandered onto his farm.

Poaching animals has always been a problem around the Fish River area and the two sides, the predominantly white farmers on the eastern side of the river and the predominantly Prudhoe tribe on the west bank held a meeting two years ago to agree on boundaries, the illegality of poaching animals and trespassing. SAPS along with security companies also attended the meeting and it was agreed to respect property rights of the farmers on both sides.

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