The future of the Sibuya lions


We have received many questions relating to the future of the six lions involved in the tragic incident surrounding the killing of suspected poachers.

Pic: Sibuya Facebook page

The six lions involved were darted (anesthetized) from a game viewing vehicle and their reaction to the vehicle at that time was closely monitored by myself, the veterinary staff as well as our conservation staff. Their behaviour appeared no different from that exhibited towards these vehicles over the last ten years.

The general consensus in the game industry is that lions view a game viewing vehicle containing people as something entirely different from individuals who are walking on the ground. At Sibuya Game Reserve we only view game from specialised game viewing vehicles and not on foot due to the extremely dense bush and thick forest on the Reserve.

Over the last few days game guides and anti-poaching staff have continued to drive game viewing vehicles in the vicinity of this pride to check for any behavioural differences and they have confirmed that to date there have been none.

Suspected rhino poacher apparently killed by lions

Although we will continue to be extremely vigilant we remain positive that this incident will not necessitate any changes to the status quo of our lions.

Nick Fox – Sibuya Game Reserve Owner


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