EFF feeding the hungry

DESPITE being seen as disruptive in many quarters, the EFF has started its own soup kitchen, affiliated to that of mama Thembisa Beauty Mazana whose soup kitchen operates on Mondays and Wednesdays.

‘We want to fill the gap and will be setting up the soup kitchen on Tuesdays and Thursdays,’ said EFF member Xolisa Runeli. ‘We intend o go to every ward in time to offer meals to those who have nothing’.


NEED TO EAT: The EFF soup Kitchen, in association with mama Thembisa Mazana, has launched its own and is helping to feed the hungry in Nemato Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Runeli said that this was not a political initiative, but a way to help the less fortunate in the area. He continued that he would like to thank Sasko, Mohammed from the One-Stop supermarket, his comrades in the EFF and several private donors he did not name, for their continued support. Runeli also asked that anyone who wishes to donate to contact him on Facebook


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