J’Something left speechless over little girl’s love for him

Even though J’Something has been in the spotlight for over ten years‚ the overwhelming love he gets from fans still bowls him over.

J’Something with a young fan who has nothing but love for him. Image: Via Instagram

“Being loved is such a blessing. I often don’t understand it how I can receive so much love from people. It really is overwhelming.”

J and the rest of the Mi Casa squad recently performed at a festival in eSwatini‚ Swaziland and a little girl tracked him down just to get a picture.

The singer said even though performing at the festival was an amazing experience he was so touched by the little girl.

“This morning I was touched man … I have been doing this for a long time now but this young lady here wanted a picture last night and I remember her disappointment when her dad’s phone had no memory.

“So she cried the whole night apparently so her mom and dad drove around this morning to all the hotels to try and find me and here we are.”

J said the little girl’s love “humbled and touched” him.

By: Karishma Thakurdin

Source: TMG Digital.

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