‘My father was about to dive into something that could kill him’‚ says Mark Minnie’s son

When Markus Mordiac first read his dad’s book – which delved into allegations that apartheid-era leaders were involved in a paedophilia ring – he had to stop and take stock of what he was taking in.

Mark Minnie. File Photo. Image: Facebook/Mark Minnie

And it seems he knew almost instantly that his dad‚ ex-cop Mark Minnie‚ would face severe risks because of what he wrote. Perhaps‚ even‚ he foresaw his father’s death.

In a Facebook post dated August 5‚ Mordiac said: “When dad finished this book he sent me a copy. I got through the first 2 chapters and then stopped‚ Tears and a heavy heart‚ knowing my father was About to dive into something that could kill him. We have always had our different opinions and an opposite take on life.”

Minnie co-authored the book ‘The Lost Boys of Bird Island’ with Chris Steyn. He was found dead with a gun wound to his head at a smallholding in Port Elizabeth on Monday evening. A pistol was found lying next to him. A suicide note was also found.

Mordiac concluded the post by praising his dad’s work.

“I never understood why he was so angry yet so protective of me whilst growing up. This story really changed my perspective. I’m glad you had the courage to finally bring this out of the dark. My prayers go out to all the victims‚ and I hope justice will one day be served to the wrongdoers! Love you dad‚ keep your head held high! You deserve it!”

In the wake of Minnie’s death‚ his stepdaughter‚ Tamsin Amy‚ posted a heartfelt message on Facebook.

Suicide note found at scene where Mark Minnie’s body found

“I’m honest not even sho where to actually begin‚ but today I was woken up to news from my mum…that my stepdad of many years has passed away. I literally felt my heart crack and fall apart in my chest as I got off the phone with my family‚ knowing that I’m in China and I can’t be there to comfort my baby sister who has lost her father. To my brother Markus Mordiac‚ I’m so sorry that you and Brooklyn have to go through this pain‚ it’s not fair in the least.

“To Mark Minnie‚ you weren’t my real dad‚ but you loved me deeply‚ and you took me in as one of your own‚ for that I’ll be forever grateful. I love you‚ RIP‚” she wrote.

By: Ernest Mabuza – TimesLIVE

Source: TMG Digital.

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