WATCH | ‘Too fast? Too bad’ – Caster slaps down the haters in new Nike ad

South African running sensation Caster Semenya has taken a shot at her haters as part of the latest Nike advertising campaign.

Hot on the heels of other notable sports stars to feature in the campaign – most notably Colin Kaepernick‚ the American football player who took a knee instead of standing during the playing of the US anthem – Semenya tells those who question her that she is simply “born to do this”.

The advert shows Semenya’s life playing backwards‚ ending up with her taking her first step. All the while her voice can be heard‚ questioning whether those who dislike her wish she’d never even started running‚ training‚ working hard or‚ even walking for the first time.

“That’s too bad‚” she says‚ “because I was born to do this.”

By: Matthew Savides – TimesLIVE

Source: TMG Digital.

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