WATCH: Hurricane Florence strengthens to Category 4

Hurricane Florence, now a Category 4, is on track to hit the U.S. East Coast early Thursday with torrential rains, powerful winds and potentially devastating flooding.

WATCH | Televangelist commands ‘extremely dangerous’ Hurricane Florence to ‘cease its forward motion’

The US National Hurricane Centre says Florence is expected to be an “extremely dangerous major hurricane.”

US authorities have ordered the evacuation of 1.5 million people ahead of the storm which is expected to make landfall on the East Coast on Thursday.

The HuffPost reports‚ “televangelist Pat Robertson broke out a prayer that sounded more like a wizard’s spell as he attempted to block the approach of Hurricane Florence.”

“In a clip posted online by Right Wing Watch‚ he asked followers to “put a hand out toward the Atlantic” and repeat an incantation.”

“In the name of Jesus‚ you Hurricane Florence‚ we speak to you in the name of Jesus‚ and we command the storm to cease its forward motion and go harmlessly into the Atlantic. Go up north away from land and veer off in the name of Jesus. We declare in the name of the lord that you shall go no farther‚ you shall do no damage in this area.”

The eye of Florence

“This is one of the worst storms to hit the East Coast in many years‚” President Donald Trump warned on Twitter.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster ordered as many as one million residents of the state’s eastern coast to leave their homes ahead of the storm’s possible arrival on Thursday. Schools in 26 of the state’s 46 counties were to close from Tuesday.

The governor of neighbouring North Carolina ordered an evacuation of the Outer Banks‚ barrier islands that are a popular tourist destination‚ and parts of coastal Dare County‚ while a state of emergency was declared in Virginia.

“This is a very dangerous hurricane‚” McMaster said‚ adding that the evacuation order for coastal counties was “mandatory‚ not voluntary.”

“We do not want to risk one South Carolina life in this hurricane‚” the governor told reporters. “We’re liable to have a whole lot of flooding.”

By: Reuben Goldberg‚ Afp

Source: TMG Digital.




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