Denston’s talent and nerve paving the way to a potential rugby career

Talented young rugby player Zenovan Denston, from Station Hill, has been accepted by the Sharks Rugby Academy in KwaZulu-Natal next year.

FOLLOWING A DREAM: A Station Hill youngster Zenovan Denston has received an offer from the Sharks Rugby Academy for next year and has requested public support to secure his place in the academy Picture: TK MTIKI

Knowing his talent and capabilities in rugby, 19-year-old Denston, who captains the first team at Port Alfred High School, took a chance to apply to the Sharks Rugby Academy and was thrilled to be accepted.

He has been considered for the Sharks under 21 squad.

Talking about his long term goal in sport, he said: “One day I want to be a rugby player and that’s what almost every little rugby player says when he begins playing rugby.”

The offer has come at the right time as Denston is in his matric year at PAHS.

The elated youngster sees this opportunity as a dream come true.

“I now have a chance to follow the dream I’ve always had. It has been my dream since I was a child to play for the Springboks one day and make our country proud,” he said.

Denston went on to say that with this opportunity he wants to become a role model to all the young players out there. He believes that through him this opportunity can benefit the entire community.

“One day I want to be able to give back to the poorer communities and provide them with opportunities to follow their dreams,” he said.

Although he has been given an offer, he said he had been passed the ball and now he needed to run with it to secure his place at the academy. He has appealed for public assistance.

“I have to pay a deposit to ensure my place in the academy so I have opened a ‘Back a Buddy’ account for the people who are interested in supporting me to follow my dream to become a rugby player. It will be so greatly appreciated,” he said.

Denston can be contacted on 078-372-3904.

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