Damant Lodge resident celebrates 100 years

Tisha Marshall, together with friends and family, celebrated her 100th birthday at Damant lodge last Friday.

Born in Tisha on September 22 1918 in the former Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), grew up doing painting in her spare time. She moved from Zimbabwe to the Eastern Cape in 2002 and has been staying at Damant lodge for the past seven years, still painting. She also knits blankets for charity.

Her daughter, Zillah Bohmer, arrived at the lodge all the way from Australia to celebrate this special day with her mother, while her son, Robert Marshall, came all the way from England. Their mother recently won the prize for the best picture on show at the Barthust Show.

Marshall’s other daughter,  Sally Motomura, explained the purpose of the roses that were filling her mother’s room which they were having a small party in..

“We have all these roses here. There are a 100 roses in this room, each one of them represents the years my mom has lived, starting from the year she was born. After the celebrations we want all of you to take a flower with you,” said Matomura.

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