Bin fire outside Port Alfred bank

Pedestrians and bank customers were alarmed when a fire erupted in a rubbish bin on the corner of Main Street and Campbell Street at lunchtime on Friday.

Exclamations from customers in the queue at the Absa ATMs outside the bank caused customers and staff inside to look out the windows and see the smoke and flames coming out of the plastic bin on the street corner. The smell of burnt plastic filled the air.

A neighbouring shop owner doused the fire with a bucket of water, then laid the bin on its side and doused the embers that had burned through the bottom of the bin.

It is not known what caused the fire. Bystanders suggested it could have been a discarded cigarette.

Just prior to that, the Absa branch was going through its normal security procedures for a collection of cash by a cash-in-transit company, when there is heightened security awareness.

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