Suspects rob Port Alfred gun store

Port Alfred Detectives are seeking information on two suspects who robbed a gun store this morning

At about 11am today (Thursday) one male suspect approached a firearm dealer store where the owner’s daughter was alone.  He posed as a customer wanting to purchase an item of clothing and left it on the counter. He then walked outside and returned with another male who showed her a  firearm and asked her for the keys to the safe.

The men took the keys from the till and opened the safe. They then took a camo bag from the store and put several shotguns, rifles and handguns inside. They then left her in the strongroom and closed it leaving the store on foot. The victim’s cell phone was taken. Different types of ammunition was also taken.

One suspect was short, estimated to be in his 50’s and dressed in a white shirt, black tie and formal pants as well as a peak cap. He was fair in complexion. The other suspect was slender, tall wearing a black Jersey and black tracksuit pants. He was estimated to be in his late twenties.

The firearm was carried by the older suspect.

Two other assistants who were away from the store contacted the owner and the police.
A case of aggravated robbery is under investigation. No shots were fired and no one was injured.

Any person with information on this incident is to contact the crime stops number on 0860010111.


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