Enkuthazweni needs your help

RANGE OF PRODUCTS: The Enkuthazweni Disabled Children’s Project is now producing items that can be sold to generate funds for the centre as well as assist the children develop self-esteem and realise they are useful members of society. Here, staff member Nandipha Mbombela, left, and Sister Mary McAteer display some of the centre’s products Picture: ROB KNOWLES

It has now been 20 years that the Enkuthazweni Disabled Children’s Project has been caring for children with disabilities from the Nemato Township, relying heavily on grants, the generous donations of charity organisations and private benefactors.

Now, however, Enkuthazweni is ready to put its best foot forward and offer some of the products they have meticulously produced in the school and, specifically, at the adjoining skills centre that many of the former pupils of the school attend when they reach 18 years-of-age.

Sister Mary McAteer explained how the centre looks after and teaches the children who often come from broken homes, many having been abused either mentally or physically as a result of their handicaps. In fact, a special part of the school focusses on rehabilitation and requires the assistance of a full-time social worker, although only part-time social workers are available at this time.

The children are taught skills such as basket making, sewing, knitting and several other skills, the latest of which is using eco-bricks to produce furniture, specifically small stools.

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