Here’s how a break in India inspired Thato Molamu’s career shift

When Thato Molamu embarked on a pilgrimage to India earlier this year he had no idea that he would return with a new focus and mission in life. 

Thato Molamu wants to change the way people think.
Image: Instagram/ Thato Molamu

Thato told TshisaLIVE that he went to meditate and listen to his thoughts.

“Self-reflection is an important thing to do. I was far from home. It is called the school of life. It is about realising that there are experiences in life that stay with you and that you haven’t let go. You’re not letting go has impacted a lot of your decisions and your relationships.”

The lessons he learnt while away inspired him to shift his career focus and create platforms for young people to speak and address issues affecting them.

He launched the Boy Without Identity event which started a dialogue about issues preventing men from reaching their potential.

Next week, November 29, Thato will be hosting the Girl Without Identity event in Pretoria to discuss practical ways to overcome barriers to self-empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Thato said he wanted to use the event to help women build a network of unified African thought leaders with shared values, culture and heritage.

It will feature Ayanda-Allie Paine, Beth Arendse and Rorisang Thandekiso.

“Every single woman involved in this event has unique experiences that they can share to help South Africa become more inclusive and give women a chance to succeed.”

Thato said part of his new journey was breaking down the invisible barrier between him and other people, which fame had built.

“Because people see you on screen, they think you are some kind of God. But I am a normal person. If I fall, I hurt myself just like the next person. I want to show people that the challenges I’ve had are the same as what they have had and we need each other.”

The shift in focus doesn’t mean that Thato has disappeared from screens forever. He will resurface in 2019 on YouTube with his own series featuring inspiring stories from the continent.


Source: TMG Digital

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