SA rejoices as fuel price plummets ahead of school holidays

South Africans are cautiously rejoicing at the substantial fuel price drop on Wednesday. It has come just in time for travel over the festive season.

Holidaymakers have been granted relief with the fuel price drop from Wednesday
Image: Nicolene Olcker

Petrol dropped by R1.84 a litre, both at the coast and inland, while diesel now costs R1.48 less.

The Automobile Association’s latest fuel price trend analysis tracks fluctuations in the price of petrol and diesel. Since January this showed that the only time South Africans were given a breather was in March, when the cost of fuel was at its lowest for the year. According to the trend analysis, the cost of fuel — petrol and diesel — was at its highest last month.

In November, motorists at the coast were paying R16.49 a litre for unleaded 93, while those inland had to fork out R16.85. Now they are paying R14.65 and R15.01 respectively.

Diesel 500ppm cost R15.71 at the coast and R16.20 inland last month. It now costs R14.23 and R14.72 respectively.

“These massive decreases stem from a combination of substantial retreats in international petroleum prices and a slightly firmer rand, which has trended stronger against the US dollar since its most recent peak in early September at close R15.50 to the greenback.

“The seesaw ride in fuel prices over the past year has shown just how great the impact of international petroleum pricing and the rand/US dollar exchange rate is on the lives of ordinary citizens. The outlook for fuel pricing into 2019 remains cloudy, but we are hopeful that some stability will return,” the AA said in a previous statement.

Motorists took to Twitter to express their joy.

“SA is now officially out of a recession and the petrol price is decreasing … Thank you Beyonce,” said one Twitter user.

Another tweeted: “thankyou mr trump for bringing the petrol price down for south africa great christmas present.”

With just over a week left until the school holidays officially kick off on December 12, the AA has appealed to road users to be cautious and courteous during their travels.

“While this is a time for relaxation, road users cannot afford to take it easy, especially if they are driving.

“Major routes to Polokwane, KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern and Western Cape are expected to be particularly busy over this period,” said the AA in a statement on Wednesday.

It appealed to motorists to adjust “their attitudes and driving styles to accommodate for increased volumes”.

“From December 1 2017 to January 15 2018, 1,676 people died on SA’s roads. Although lower than the previous year, the AA believes this is still too high.”


Sorce: TMG Digital

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