New artisan training centre for Ndlambe

Ndlambe council held its final meeting of the year at the Canon Rocks Beach Suite last Friday where the plans for the festive season was discussed along with other matters pertaining to work the council still needs to complete before the season gets into full swing.

Artisan training

The council was asked to support Ndlambe’s bid to establish an artisan training centre in Ekuphumleni in order to identify and train school leavers as artisans. Ndlambe mayor Phindile Faxi is attempting to get the Ekurhuleni Artisan and Skills Training Centre (EASTC), who have expressed a wish to expand into the Eastern Cape, to set up shop in Ekuphumleni.

Faxi said that a suitable piece of land was to be identified and five or six pupils selected to participate in the trial of the centre, but cautioned that other, larger, municipalities in the Eastern Cape were also competing for a centre.


Municipal manager Rolly Dumezweni issued a report on the current security situation at the municipality, where many departments have experienced theft and what the plans were to combat crime.

Fencing of the various municipal properties was seen as a priority as around R100,000 worth of damage, replacement of equipment or repairs was described along with the action taken by the municipality to prevent further losses.

Details of theft at the various municipal sites, including workshops (Bathurst, Kleinemonde, Alexandria and Port Alfred) as well as at the landfill site and various other locations, together with damage inflicted by protest action were described in the report.

A tender aimed at providing on-site physical security was advertised but withdrawn due to a lack of response from potential vendors. The tender is to be re-issued before the end of the current financial year.

Water quality

The drinking water and waste water quality monitoring report was issued and showed 100% compliance with standards (SANS: Microbiological – standard limits) during October and November.

However, it was also cautioned that, due to budget constraints, maintenance and repair work was on-going and that all actions not requiring capital expenditure were being attended to. It was also pointed out that the wastewater system in Ward 4 was operating above its design capacity and this can lead to non-compliance in the area.

New lease for Cannon Rocks tourism facility

The Cannon Rocks facility (where the council meeting took place) was being used by the Siwelele Cooperative but could not continue due to the amount of investment it had to make to improve the facility over a short-term lease. Siwelele asked that the lease period be increased for it to replace various items that had been damaged or stolen, including repairs to cracks in walls and ceilings, and the theft of appliances such as microwaves kettles and other kitchen items.

It was agreed to increase the lease period to nine years, 11 months, but without an option to renew.


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