Johannesburg man fills up petrol tank with fake cash, drives off

A Gauteng fuel station fell victim to a motorist who filled up his tank and paid for it using fake bank notes before fleeing the scene over the weekend.

A screengrab of the CCTV footage recorded after a man filled his tank and fled. December 15, 2018
Image: Screengrab

In CCTV footage, a petrol attendant from Corgi Motors in Meyerton, south of Johannesburg, approaches a silver Volkswagen Toureg at one of the filling pumps.

The driver of the car is seen handing the attendant what looks like money through his window.

The attendant looks at it and tries to approach the driver, who then starts driving off. He runs next to the vehicle in a bid to stop the car, which has no number plates. The attendant picks up something that looks a brick, but the car continues to drive off.

A second man appears and also tries to stop the car, but without success.

Manager Freddie Matthees said the incident happened at 4am on Saturday.

He said after the man paid, the attendant saw something was wrong.

The amount owed was R1,485.

“It was such horrible notes. You could immediately notice it, because it was yellow-coloured R200 notes,” he said.

Matthees said the garage had opened a case at the Meyerton police station. “We want the police to track them down. It is a loss that we took, so the law must take its course,” he told TimesLIVE.

Cases of “fill up and flee” were a common problem across South Africa in 2014, but since then have been reported much less often.


Source: TMG Digital

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