Ndlambe Municipality Achievement, 2018


Yet again Ndlambe has been awarded Blue Flag International status for the fourteenth (14th) consecutive year at Kelly’s Beach, Port Alfred and for the tenth (10th) consecutive year at Kariega Main Beach in Kenton-on-Sea. The municipality was also awarded 1st Runner Up (2nd place) in the Eastern Cape Greenest Municipality Competition for 2018.

Ndlambe municipality was partnered with Ottawa municipality, the Capital of Canada, as part of the Building Inclusive Green Municipalities (BIGM) funded by the Canadian Government and implemented by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the South Africa Local Government Association.

Municipalities in the country are going through a stage of financial distress. Ndlambe is also subjected to the same operating environment. Despite the difficulties experienced by municipalities, the municipality is proud to inform ratepayers that it is still a going concern and has never failed to pay its monthly electricity bill of ±R5million per month. Ndlambe could not have achieved this milestone without the constructive budget engagement it had with the Ndlambe Ratepayers Forum. We value their input.

The following projects were completed in 2018: Alexandria Material Recovery Facility, Working for the Coast (including Catchment to the Coast) and the Integrated Emergency Response Centre at Bushmans River Mouth, next to the R72.

A Basic Assessment Report and Environmental Management Plan study is currently underway as required by the National Environmental Management Act with consultants appointed in November 2018 to conduct the study. The focus areas are Kleinemonde Island, Port Alfred East and West Beaches, Kasouga, Middle Beach/Westbourne Rd/Dry Bones Valley in Kenton-on-Sea, Bushmans River Beach, Boknes Sea and Cannon Rocks car park and the Breaching of the Kasouga blind estuary

The Department of Environmental Affairs Environmental Protection and Infrastructure Programme (DEA: EPIP) confirmed the following projects have been approved for the 2018 – 2020 cycle period: Construction of a Community Park at Harmony Park valued at R5,000,000; Working for the Coast (Upgrade of Coastal Infrastructure, including Blue Flag Beaches) valued at R10,000,000; Oribi Breeding Centre at Roundhill Oribi Nature Reserve valued at R4,000,000 and the dredging of Kowie river valued at R10,000,000. Funding was secured for the upgrade of facilities at the Kap River/Fish River Nature Reserves

EAS Consulting Services has been appointed to deal with legal and legislative requirements relating to the Closure and rehabilitation of the Marselle landfill site. We are still in the process of sourcing funding.

The Infrastructure Department implement the following projects: Upgrading of Bulk Water in Alexandria Phase 2; Upgrading of Bathurst Bulk Water Supply Phase 2; Upgrading of Dias Road, Masonic Road Biscay Road and Beach road, Marselle, Hoyi Street and Bathurst to brick paving; drought relief funding. We have also had a breakthrough in Thornhill Housing Development project closing with a victory of the EIA approval.

Capacity building for internal staff is an on-going programme aimed at capacitating staff to improve on services delivery. Through Training and development of staff a number of training programmes were funded through internal budget while other training is funded from external sources once business plans are submitted and approved by SATA. We are currently awaiting an indication of commencement date from LGSETA.

The following strategic positions have been filled to enhance services delivery in Ndlambe Municipality: Manager: Internal Audit, Deputy Director: Infrastructure (Port Alfred and Kenton-on-Sea; Artisan (Electrical section) and MIG Technician.

Ndlambe Municipality and its strategic partners namely EWSETA and CTC College have appointed 140 unemployed pupils represented across Wards 1 to 10. The “learnership” is a National Certificate: Water and Wastewater Process Control ID 60190 Level 3.

The Mini Library for the blind has been established as a pilot within PA Library to carter for the specially-abled of our community.

Establishment and launch of the LED Forum with conveners of the economic sector of the area namely: Beef, Diary, Chicory, Pineapple and Tourism

Sourcing of funding for Tourism Infrastructure, National Department of Tourism has appointed ECPTA as the project implementer. The project focuses on Uupgrading of Middle Beach infrastructure, upgrade of car parks in beaches and building of ablution facilities. Upgrading of Ntakazilali parking and fencing, the ablution facilities and Stabilisation of the Kowie river banks.

Ndlambe has been identified as one of the Coastal municipalities to benefit on the Government’s Operation Phakisa Programme.

The hosting of the Amanzi Festival, an International Sports Tourism Event, attracted participants from various international countries. This Event puts Ndlambe on a pedestal as one of the places in South Africa to be recognized as a Sports Tourism area and also Tourist attraction destination.

“We are looking to another successful year ahead and urge all our management, staff, councillors, residents, holidaymakers and business owners to work closely with each other for the benefit of all living here in the Heart of the Sunshine Coast,” said Ndlambe mayor, Phindile Faxi.

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