British mayor dies while scuba diving near Durban

The mayor of Cambridge in the UK, Nigel Gawthrope, died on Friday while scuba diving in South Africa.

Nigel Gawthrope died shortly after saying he felt unwell after surfacing from a scuba dive off the KZN coast.
Image: Facebook/Nigel Gawthrope

“The council’s thoughts are with his wife Jenny, the mayoress, who was with him, and with his family and friends and close council colleagues as they come to terms with this devastating loss. The exact cause of Cllr Gawthrope’s death has yet to be confirmed,” Cambridge City Council said in a statement on Sunday.

The BBC reported Gawthrope, 61, collapsed after surfacing and feeling unwell.

Gawthrope was a city councillor for seven years and became mayor in May 2018.

Cambridge City Council leader Lewis Herbert said Gawthrope’s death “is a massive shock and hurts us all at the city council”.

“I have talked today (Sunday) to Jenny, his wife and our mayoress, and passed on our condolences and deepest sympathies, and we are so glad that Nigel’s brother is flying out Monday to support her when she most needs it,” Herbert said.

“Nigel made time for everyone, doing exactly what he excelled earlier at locally, connecting as mayor with all the hundreds of people he met across our city, and particularly with volunteers and staff and people benefiting from the many organisations we work with to help those most in need across Cambridge.”

According to the city council, Gawthrope was a keen motorcyclist, experienced scuba diver

and a Leeds United supporter.


Source: TMG Digital

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