Municipality explains sewage spill on Biscay Road


Following several complaints about sewage spillage on Biscay Road Ndlambe Municipality’s infrastructure deputy director, Sipho Babama replied to our questions. Also issued was a plan on how the problem can be fixed on a more permanent basis.

“I would like to apologise for what happened recently where there is sewerage spillage at Biscay. The municipal team is busy working on this trying to unblock the sewerage line,” wrote Babama.

“Currently, the municipality hired a high-pressure machine from Port Elizabeth to assist to Unblock the line, but still difficult. Currently, the sewerage can run on the line but unfortunately the rods that were used to unblock the line could not come out. That means the line can still block due to that. The municipality is busy working on this.

“The main problem is the fat, which is suspected to come from the businesses around the area such as Spar.”

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