Passion for beauty therapy keeps Doreen going

New beauty therapist at Leach Pharmacy, Doreen Kenny started out in the beauty therapy industry when she was 18 years old, in the former Rhodesia.

WEALTH OF EXPERIENCE: Doreen Kenny is currently working at Peu De Luxe Spa at Leach Pharmacy Picture: ADELE STECK

She received basic training in beauty therapy and has never looked back since. As she grew in the business, so did her passion for it.

She moved to South Africa and began living in Kenton-on-Sea when she was 20. She opened a number of businesses and salons in the area, but more recently came to stay in Port Alfred.

Kenny said being in the business for 30 years made her realise that beauty therapists are similar to counselling therapists, because they get to make people happy by making them beautiful.

“I came to a realisation that as beauty therapists, we are the same as psychiatrists. I mean we also help people, we talk to them every day, make them feel good about themselves, we make them beautiful. We get to talk a lot and hear about their problems as well, and we give a bit of advice here and there,” Kenny said.

She now works at Peu De Luxe Spa at Leach Pharmacy as a beauty therapist, offering all sorts of beauty treatments. The spa is going to be introducing basic facials as well, so you can pop to have your face done. She also specialises with teenagers who suffer from acne.

“As a person who suffered from acne as a teenager, I think that with years of experience I sort of know how to deal with such skins. Parents must bring their children through for a treatment. We also have an array of beauty treatments; we do tinting, waxing, massages, make-up even for special occasions, manicure, pedicure, and pedicure on the go.”

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